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General Questions
What does InvestSMART invest in?
Do I own the shares/ETFs?
What portfolio or investment should I choose?What portfolio or investment should invest in? Do you recommend investments?
Is there a minimum balance?The minimum amount required in your InvestSMART PMA
Are my shares CHESS Sponsored?Safety of the investment
What if something happens to InvestSMART?How safe is your investment?
Is you website secure? How safe are my details that are stored with you?Safety of the InvestSMART website
How much should I contribute?Not sure how much to contribute to your PMA?
How can InvestSMART portfolios help with income and retirement?Information for retirement and income to be paid out
What's the difference between Intelligent Investor Ethical Share Fund (INES) and InvestSMART Ethical Growth Portfolio?INES vs ethical growth portfolio in the PMA
Understanding the Reasons for Significant Allocation to Australian Equities in InvestSMART's Diversified Portfolios
Can I hold Intelligent Investor funds in the PMA? What are the benefits and drawbacks?INES, IIGF, INIF or IISV in the PMA
What are Hybrids? Everything you need to know about Hybrids
How do I see my portfolio?Viewing and managing your PMA
Why portfolio returns can differ from the investment model returns
How do I authorise a third party to request information on my behalf?Give access to your accountant, auditor etc. to contact our team for information about your investment
Can I transfer my holding(s) out to my brokerage account?Off-market transfer information from PMA to brokerage account
Changing company detailsHow can I change the directors or name of a company?
Retirement FAQAll things retirement - which portfolio is most suitable, SMSF information & more
What is the Difference Between General Product Advice and Personal Financial Advice?General product advice vs. financial advice
What is Rebalancing?What is rebalancing? and when does InvestSMART rebalance a portfolio?
Can I hold other shares or ETFs in my InvestSMART PMA?Can I buy other ASX stocks or shares?
What does InvestSMART do?Who is InvestSMART? What is InvestSMART?
How often do you rebalance the portfolios?How frequent do we change the holdings or asset allocations inside a portfolio?
Can I add another person to my investment?Converting to a joint account or add another person to the InvestSMART PMA portfolio. Change account types, adding wife, adding husband,
Can I transfer my shares or assets into a Professionally Managed Account (PMA)?Everything you need to know about transferring your shares or other holdings and assets to an InvestSMART account.
How to manage market volatilityAm I losing money? My investment is down or not performing. Should I sell?
What is the difference between a withdrawal plan and receiving income?How can I draw an income stream from my investment? What happens to the income received?
Can I change the holdings and weightings of the investment?Can I pick and choose particular shares held in the Model Portfolio or change the distribution of asset class?
Is now the right time to invest?The market is at all time high/ low - should I invest now?
Does InvestSMART provide financial advice?Can you help me pick the right investments for my needs? Is this suitable for me? Personal advice
Are my investments held for a fixed term or can I make withdrawals?Everything you need to know about accessing your investments
Why is there cash listed in my investment portfolio? Is it yet to be allocated?I have more cash than I expected in my investment account, why? Will cash amounts ever be used for investing or are they fixed
Who can invest with InvestSMART?List of the individuals and entities eligible to invest with us.
Do I own the investments in my account?How are the investments in the Professionally Managed Account held?
What is a Professionally Managed Account (PMA)?What is the investment structure for the portfolios?
What is the minimum investment amount?How much do you need to get started
Where are the unit prices for the portfolios?What is the unit price? How many units are there on issue? What is the exit/entry price?
When and where are distributions and dividends paid to my Professionally Managed Account (PMA)?When will I get my income? Why haven't I received my income yet? Income Sweep.
What is the difference between performance and estimated income?Understanding the historical returns of InvestSMART Portfolios.
Is my investment safe?What would happen to my fund if InvestSMART went bankrupt?