Starting the application

  1. Go to the offer page and click ‘Apply here’.

  2. Once you’ve read information about the PDS, click ‘Next’

  3. Enter the amount you would like to invest.

  4. Then, confirm your tax residency and click ‘Next’.

Entering your HIN and Account Designation

  1. If you already have a share trading account, like a Commsec or Nabtrade account, you can send these units directly there. Click the first option, then click ‘Next’.

    1. Your HIN number begins with the letter X. If you do not know your HIN number, you should check with your share broker or on any documentation you’ve received from them.

    2. If you already hold the same units as this offer (IIGF, INES, INIF), but they are at the share registry, you can enter your SRN number. Please only enter the 11 numbers after the letter I.

  2. The account designation is the legal name that shares are issued to. Again please check with your share broker or check a recent CHESS holding statement to see how the name of the investor appears.

    1. You can click to view some examples.

  3. The next box allows you to choose an investor type.

  4. In the contact details, we only need the details of who you wish to be the contact for this application.

    1. As you’re providing a HIN number, your share broker already has the other details, so you don’t have to worry about entering other joint holders, other trustees, superfund names, other directors, or company names.

  5. The residential address is for the contact again. You can choose to also add a Mailing address for this contact.

  6. Click ‘Next’ if you’re happy with the details entered.

  7. You can now review your application and can click ‘Edit’ if you wish to change something.

  8. Tick each box if you acknowledge and agree to that statement.

  9. Then click ‘Submit Application

  10. You’ll now see the Bpay details so you can send your funds. Keep in mind the deadline.

  11. We’ll also email you these details along with a confirmation.

  12. You can send a different amount than originally applied for without the need to notify us. We will automatically issue units based on the total amount we receive and if it’s above the minimum investment amount of $2,000.

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