If you don't have a share broker or share trading account, your Intelligent Investor holding is likely held with the share registry.

All investors will have access to the share registry like any other share or ETF.

Here, you can see your holding(s), view/change your investor details, set dividend reinvestment plans, view/change bank account details.

I have a HIN

Suppose you've provided a HIN (Holder Identification Number) when applying or have purchased through a share broker. In that case, you will see your units in your share brokerage account. You can also contact your share broker to transfer the holding from the share registry into your share trading account.

You will still need to access the share registry to check your details.

All units for IIGF, INES and INIF are now held through Link Market Services. Therefore, we no longer use Registry Direct as of 23/03/2022.

How to access the share registry

If you already have a login with Link, you can log in here.

How to register your holdings on Link Market Services

If you don't have a login with Link, go here to register.

When registering your holding on Link Market Services:

  1. Search for the fund and enter ISFM (InvestSMART Funds Management) as the issuer.

  2. Enter your HIN (starts with an X) or SRN (starts with the letter I)

  3. Enter your postcode

Screenshot of example

Need Help?

See Link's FAQ or contact them directly.

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