This is the most common question we get from experienced and inexperienced investors alike.

No matter when you are looking to invest, there will always be something in the news that will have you asking this question. Whether it is a commentary on our local housing market, geopolitical uncertainty, or fears of a global pandemic. Uncertainty is constant, yet history shows us investment markets and asset classes continue to grow over the long term.

Having an investment plan and sticking to it is far more important than picking the exact day or week to invest. Developing good investment habits by investing for the long-term, in the right mix of asset classes, adding to your investment over time and rebalancing in a systematic fashion will see you reach your goal. In addition, chopping and changing your portfolio will chew up returns with transactions costs and potentially reduce your invested capital by paying additional taxes.

InvestSMART can help you select and stick to a plan with:

  • Offering the right portfolio, with the correct mix of assets

  • Providing simple contribution and income reinvestment options

  • Transparent online monitoring through your My Account

  • Consolidated annual tax reporting direct to your inbox

  • CHESS sponsored ownership of your portfolio holdings

  • Our famous low fees starting at $2 a week, capped at $550 per year.

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