Many prospective investors have historical performance towards the top of their "shopping list" when considering adding any managed investment to their portfolio. 

We are happy to show off our returns, we are very proud of them - you might have noted that we've outperformed the average of our peers across the board since inception. 

But we don't just quote performance, we also publish estimated income which leads to more than a few questions...

What is Performance? 

Our portfolio performance figures are quoted as total return (growth and income) after management and administrations fees, excluding brokerage while assuming dividends have been reinvested and no withdrawals taking place.

As always, and sorry to bore you with the standard investment lines, please remember that historical performance isn't a reliable indicator of future performance.

What is Estimated Income? 

We know how important income from investments can be for our clients who rely on dividends, distributions and franking credits to manage their living expenses. 

We are able to provide a forward projection, or estimation, of what this figure might be at any one point in time based on the current holdings and their individual weightings within a portfolio. 

Please keep in mind that this figure is merely an estimation and subject to change. 

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