Quick answer, 4-5 Business days

The process

When you BPAY your funds before 6 pm on a business day, they will typically arrive in our PMA Trust Account the following business day.

We will email you that we have received your partial or total funds, depending on the amount you have sent.

Once we have received the total funds for investment, we will then send your funds to the share brokerage account opened in your name. This transfer typically takes overnight as well.

When your funds arrive at the share broker the next business day, we will begin to purchase holdings in line with your chosen portfolio.

Once the shares/ETFs have settled (T+2), we will enable the online platform for you to view and administer your holdings. We will send you a welcome email explaining how to access the online platform.

This process takes about 4-5 business days from when we receive your total funds.

Why does it take 4-5 business days and not immediately?

We're proud to offer low and capped management fees for our InvestSMART investment products. At the heart of everything we do, our purpose is to make investing rewarding, accessible and affordable.

To keep fees low and capped, we take a process-driven approach. For instance, our trading team can keep costs down by trading once a day during a specific period. This means that funds received are actioned the following business day.

Settlement periods

As with any ASX listed share or ETF, there is a two business days settlement period. The ASX explains this here. This settlement period means your holdings won't settle until two days after the transaction takes place.

Your investments are held in a CHESS sponsored brokerage account. This adds an extra layer of protection and can offer more tax advantages as you can transfer holdings to your share trading account and not be forced to sell them. However, this means that getting funds from your bank account to the brokerage bank account adds an extra step.

We are in the process of investigating CMA accounts to improve this.

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