If you want to add more funds to your InvestSMART PMA, there are several options.

I want to add more funds to my existing PMA without changing anything.

  • To add funds to your existing portfolio(s), you can use the BPAY details first emailed to you.

  • We will invest the funds according to your current portfolio(s) allocation.

    • You don't need to alert us if you're only adding to an existing portfolio(s).

    • If you don't have the BPAY details, see below.

I want to add funds to a specific portfolio or add a new portfolio.

  1. Log on and go to My Account > Add funds. Here you can:

    1. Distribute additional investment across your existing model

      1. Use this option when you don't want to change anything but need your Bpay details.

    2. Distribute additional investment to one or more specific models

      1. Use this option to add funds to a particular portfolio or to add a new portfolio.

    3. Custom - Distribute additional investment and adjust current model weights

      1. Use this option to add, remove, or precisely fund a range of portfolio choices.

For more help, see How can I add funds to a specific portfolio?

I want to set up an ongoing contribution.

  • You can create a Regular Contribution Plan here.

  • A minimum of $100 is automatically drawn from your nominated bank account via direct debit in the middle of each calendar month.

If you'd like more information about Regular Contribution Plans, see Setting up, or changing, my Regular Contribution Plan.

Bpay tips:

  • Our Bpay biller code for InvestSMART PMAs is 291807

  • Your Bpay reference number is unique to your PMA.

  • Your Bpay details won't change, so you can always use them to top up your PMA.

  • Bpay payments are made via your banking platform. You should consult your bank if you're unsure how to make a Bpay payment.

How long will it take for the funds to arrive?

See Understanding the funding process and timeframe.

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