1. HIN

During the application, you are asked if you would like to provide your Holder Identification Number (HIN).

There are a number of advantages to entering your HIN:

  • Your issued units will automatically be sent to your brokerage account

  • You will not need to provide identification documents as you're already verified through your broker

  • You may not need to provide further details like other trustees, corporate trustees, and/or addresses.

Please ensure the details provided to invest in this fund match exactly with your registration details held at CHESS.

Check your current documentation or account with your share broker if you're unsure.

2. Account Designation

The account designation is the name of the individual(s) or entity who legally own the brokerage account.

To check your account designation, check a recent CHESS holding statement, or contact your broker, to see how the name of the investor appears.

Here are some examples:


If you supply a HIN you will only be asked for one person's contact details as we don't require the rest. Your share broker has this information already.

If you don't supply a HIN then your issued shares will be sent to a share registry in your name.

You can always transfer these units to your brokerage account later by contacting your broker to initiate the transfer.

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