Distributions and dividends are paid by your underlying holdings into your Professionally Managed Account (PMA) on the payment day as announced to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). You can google the ASX ticker code and find this for each holding.

Franking credits that are due to you are passed on in full.

Please note that we quote the Ex-Dividend Date on the Dividends & Interest page.

Ex-Dividend Date

The Ex-Div date refers to the date you need to own the holding to receive the dividend. You will still receive the dividend if you sell the holding after the Ex-Div date but before the payment date.

Payment Date

The Payment Date is usually several weeks later. The Payment Date is when you will physically receive the dividend cash amount into your investment account. If you have enabled Income Sweep, this income will be paid to your nominated bank account instead.

Above, you can see that ASX: AAA has an ex-dividend date of 1 July 2021; however, the payment date is 16 July 2021 (see Recent Distributions).

Where are they paid to?

Income, when paid, is added to the cash holding of your PMA and either retained for investment at the next rebalancing date or accumulated to be paid out to your nominated bank account periodically (monthly) based on your preference. Also see Why is there cash listed in my investment portfolio? Is it yet to be allocated?

Step by Step

If you wish to amend your income preference at any time, click here or complete the following steps:

  • Click My Account and then My Investments

  • Select Investment Preferences

  • Toggle the Income Sweep

  • Select Save Settings

  • Click Verify Request

  • Choose Email Verification or SMS Verification

  • Complete Verification Process

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