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For the InvestSMART, Eureka Report, or Intelligent Investor website

The most common issues (and some troubleshooting) are:

  1. The email or password being entered are incorrect

    1. Doublecheck the email address by looking in your inbox. Check where previous emails may have been sent to.

    2. Try resetting the password here

  2. I've not received the reset password email

    1. Please check your spam or junk folder in your inbox

    2. If you still cannot find it, you'll need to wait for a team member to assist

  3. I can't create a new password

    1. When making a new password, it has to be:

      • a minimum of 8 characters

      • must have at least one number or a symbol

      • the only four symbols you can use are @ or $ or ? or !

      Here's an example: AlanKohler@
  4. The page keeps reloading, I'm stuck in a loop, I keep being prompted to reset my password.

    1. This may be a web browser issue.

      1. Try clearing the cache.

      2. Try a different web browser to troubleshoot

    2. If prompted to reset the password, try pressing 'Cancel.'

If this doesn't help, you'll need some assistance from a team member. You can wait on the web chat or email support@investsmart.com.au

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