1. Can't I buy IIGF on the market?

Yes, you can.

IIGF is listed on the ASX, and anyone with a brokerage account can buy units right now. The reason why we're making this offer goes back to our initial offer, where we found a lot of investors did not have a brokerage account and had their shares allotted to them on a Shareholder Registration Number (SRN). These people cannot purchase more or sell units unless they transfer to a brokerage account. We've had many of them contact us wanting to buy more units, so we decided to open up a short window to allow this. We have a two-week offer period for anyone to invest.

2. Why would you participate? (Advantages/Disadvantages)

By going through this offer process, you avoid paying brokerage and the buy/sell spread. Additionally, it's the only way for you to do it without a brokerage account. But, if you have a brokerage account, you are welcome to purchase units on-market now at their listed price.

If you participate in this offer, your units will be allocated at the Net Asset Value (NAV) at the time of allotment. However, we do not know what this will be until the offer is closed.

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