How does the Intelligent Investor Australian Equity Income Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX: INIF) handle franking credits? Will it retain them or pay them through, and what sort of percentage franking can investors expect?

InvestSMART is required to pay out any income plus franking in the financial year it is earned. The Fund is expected to pay two distributions each year – in February for the December half year and in July for June half year. 

We will advise franking details with each distribution and provide a tax statement at the conclusion of the Financial Year.

InvestSMART expects that distributions of income will be 80-100% franked.

When will the distribution be paid and what is it made up of?

The distribution will be twice a year after the end of the financial year and calendar year. The distribution is made up of all income received by the Fund. This includes dividends paid, interest earned on cash and realised capital gains.

See the Dividend History here.

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