The live webinars are held once a week and cover that week's topic.

We anticipate holding the webinars every Thursday at 10 am Sydney/Melbourne time; however, there may be instances where this may change. We will let you know if this occurs.

Live webinars have a duration of around 30-45 mins but can be longer as they are interactive. We encourage questions or comments during the webinar.

How to Register

In the Bootcamp course content, you will see "Live Webinar for Module ..." with a date. Click on this and register.

Can I watch the previous webinars on earlier topics?

Yes. The previous week's webinars are uploaded, and you can watch them at your own pace within Bootcamp.

In the Bootcamp course content, you will see "Recorded Video - ..." with the appropriate Week. Click on this to watch and read the associated PowerPoint slides.

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