InvestSMART will require the following details from those individuals listed as directors of the corporate entity looking to submit an application to open a Professionally Managed Account (PMA). 

  • Full Name(s)

  • Date of Birth(s)

  • Residential Address

  • Phone Number (Landline/Mobile)

  • Email Address

  • One Additional Source of Identification (License/Medicare/Passport)

We will also require the following details in order to verify the corporate trustee entity.

  • Company Name

  • Australian Company Number (ACN)

  • Principal Place of Business Address

  • Registered Office Address

  • Company Bank Account (BSB & Account Number)

All other requirements will be personal preferences for initial life of your account. 

  • Investment Amount

  • Investment Model(s) 

  • Investment Allocation(s)

  • Income Preference

  • Regular Contribution Plan

  • Regular Withdrawal Plan

If you've got all the information you need to get started click the button below to start your application.

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