You have the option to set up a Regular Contribution Plan for your investment account.

This can be done online here under Regular Contribution Plan.

Above: Screenshot of Regular Contribution Plan setting

What is it?

The Regular Contribution Plan is a monthly direct debit payment from your nominated bank account. The minimum amount is $100 and the maximum is $6,000.

How do I activate it?

During the initial application process or online here under Regular Contribution Plan once your PMA has been opened.

How does it work?

Funds are drawn via direct debit on the 15th of each month or the following business day. If you have insufficient funds, our administration team will contact you to facilitate the transfer at another date, or you can just skip the payment for the month.

How are the funds applied?

The funds are applied to the existing investment model split inside your PMA. So, for example, if you have three model portfolios, Growth 50%, Ethical Growth 30%, and Interest Income 20%, your regular contribution will follow the same split.

Unfortunately, you cannot customise or choose where you would like your regular contribution to be allocated.

If you wish to make contributions to a specific model portfolio, please see How can I add funds to a specific portfolio?

Step by Step

If you are already invested with us and would like to get a contribution plan started please take the following steps:

  • Click My Account and select My Investments

  • Select Investment Preferences

  • Adjust your Regular Contribution Plan i.e. toggle on/off and specify amount

  • Click Save Settings Select your Verification Method - Email or Mobile - to complete the change

Please note that there will be a delay between the funds being drawn and your contribution and transactions being reconciled in your Portfolio Manager. We recommend that you consider up to five business days.

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