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How do I make a full withdrawal and close my Professionally Managed Account (PMA)?
How do I make a full withdrawal and close my Professionally Managed Account (PMA)?

Everything you need to know about closing your investment with us

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You can request a full withdrawal from your Professionally Managed Account (PMA) at any time by completing a Withdrawal Request online.

Please keep in mind that this will result in the complete closure of your PMA.

If you wish to leave your account open, please review the helpful article linked below that advises how to make a partial withdrawal from your account.

If you choose to proceed with an account closure, please follow the following steps:

To close an account:

  1. Go to Withdrawal Request (see 1 below)

  2. Click 'Withdraw'

  3. Tick the Close Account box (see 2 below)

  4. Click next (see 3 below)

  5. Verify the request via SMS or email

The holdings will be sold down, and when the transactions settle, the funds will be transferred to the bank account we have on file (see I need to change my bank account in the Help Centre).

Please allow up to five business days to receive the funds.

Please note that account closures are final however you can reapply if you wish to open a PMA account in the future.

Please note that there are no "exit fees" charged by InvestSMART to close your PMA but brokerage costs incurred to liquidate your holdings will apply.

How long does it take?

4-5 business days.

Check bank account

If you have changed bank accounts but failed to update us, you will need to update your details to allow us to return your funds to you.

You can check or change your nominated bank account under Investment Preferences

Please click the link below to access information on steps to take to begin this process.

You will receive any additional income due to you after the underlying holding has paid it, and you will also receive the consolidated annual tax statement via email when available.

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